How to use a snow blower on a steep gravel driveway with deep wet snow

A snow blower is a machine made to remove snow from whatever area it is wished to be removed. The snow blower is used in a way that the snow is moved using an auger or impeller, instead of actually blowing it. It works by using an electric, gasoline or diesel power engine, operate the auger or impeller that throws the snow away to another area or a truck in which after which it is taken away. It isn’t that hard to use a snow blower. There are also many types and brands of snow blowers, which all have some similar and some different ways of using them. Hopefully this article will shed some light on your interest on managing a snow blower.

How to use a snow-blower on different types of places

There are various places where you can use a snow blower. Usually people tend to use one to clear snow from a driveway or in their yard to clean up some of the extra snow, but there are more places where you can use your snow blower. Here are some of them:

How to use a snow blower on a driveway

When cleaning the driveway, first make sure that the area nearby is free of people, especially children. Also, make sure that any removable objects are away from the driveway, like newspapers, as well as pets, don’t forget that dogs in particular usually like to bury themselves in the snow and you can easily miss them by accident. Next, do not wear any loose clothing that can potentially get caught up in the machine, such as scarfs or any bulky jackets. If you want to step off from the operator position for more than a few seconds, then make sure you turn the machine off. One rule you must remember is to never ever use your hand or foot to clear any clogged snow from the machine. If the chute happens to be clogged, first turn of the machine and wait for about 30 seconds and then use the broom or a chute clean-out tool to help you take the clog off.

How to use a snow blower on a steep driveway

If your driveway is too steep, then it’s probably best to avoid using a snow blower, as things might not end up well and someone could get hurt. However, if your driveway isn’t that steep, then you can use a snow blower, but have to be very careful and not force it. Make sure you have no people, animals or things nearby that can potentially be hurt in the process. The rules of starting your snow blower are basically the same, depending on the type of snow blower that you are using. As for the usage, it is probably best and smartest to start using your machine from the highest to the lowest part of your steep driveway, because this way the chances of anyone getting hurt are lower. Still, if you have a steeper driveway, it would probably be best for you to use a shovel or a broom to get the snow out, so that there aren’t any chances of anyone getting hurt.

How to use a snow blower on a gravel

In order to use a snow blower on a gravel, you must first pick the right snow blower. The best option for this action is to use the two stage snow blower. It’s almost the same as a normal snow blower, but the difference here is that you can adjust the height of the auger in order not to contact the ground directly. So that is why this is the best type of snow blower for your gravel.

How to use a snow blower in deep snow

Removing heavy deep snow from your driveway or yard can be truly difficult. It certainly demands a lot of physical strength, as well as the right snow blower. For this kind of work you can’t use a normal snow blower. Our best bet would be to use the two stage snow blower, because a two stage snow blower can handle a lot more snow. The augurs of a two stage snow blower is in charge of only picking snow up, then once it’s been crushed by its blades, it will be sent right into a high speed impeller, which is the one responsible for discharging the snow. The same works for wet snow and ice as well. So it is a good option for more challenging snow areas, like wet and deep snow.

How to start and use different types of snow blowers

There are many types of snow blowers and each one has its own quality and ways of using. There are different models, such as Toro, Honda, Ariens, Husqvarna, Sno Tek, Noma, MTD and many others. Here are a few tips on how to start and use some different types of snow blowers:

How to start and use a craftsman snow blower

A craftsman snow blower is no different than any other snow blower. It is however slightly better quality wise. Before you use it make sure you are well equipped, meaning wearing the right clothes (no slippery shoes and bulky jackets or scarfs) and that there are no people or animals around you. Then you plug it in and press on the red button. It also has a lever that lets you control where you let the snow blow as well as how high or low you can throw the snow away. It is also a good idea to go slower, so that the snow doesn’t choke on the machine.  One more thing to be careful about when generally using a snow blower is to make sure that during the other seasons there aren’t any small rocks or wood sticks that can potentially break a part of or get stuck into your machine.

How to start and use a Toro snow blower

The Toro snow blower differs from other snow blowers by the fact that clears snow from driveways and walkways in a much lesser time and a lot easier, meaning it doesn’t take a lot of force to use it. First thing you need to do when you start a Toro snow blower is you twist the oil dipstick and pull it out of the engine. Then, you pour the oil in the dipstick hole and then you replace the dipstick. You must remember the add oil each time you start the machine, because otherwise might damage your engine. After that, you open the fuel tank and pour some gasoline in it. Leave about ½ inch of space in it. Now you come to the part where you start your engine, so you first slide the throttle control lever to ”fast”, then turn the fuel shutoff know counterclockwise to  open the valve. Next, twist the choke until it says “full” and place the ignition key. After you do this, press the primer bulb three times and when it starts, quickly grip the starter rope handle. Repeat this until the engine starts. Once the engine starts, turn the choke to the ¾ position and after allowing the engine to nicely warm up, slowly turn it to ½ and then “off”. Now you can safely use the Toro snow blower.

How to start and use a brute snow blower

Brute snow blowers are snow blowers equipped with a heavier-duty steel auger that chews up snow and ice in every direction possible, as well as it’s easier to use. The usage is basically the same as the others. Just make sure you follow the correct steps in order not to injure yourself or others in the process.

How to start and use a tractor snow blower

Before starting your tractor snow blower you must get all parts well set up. First, after locking down the snow blower on the eye latch, make sure it’s leveled at the back by adjusting the top point if necessary. Then, attach the PTO shaft to the tracker, close the drive shield and attach the safety chain. After that, set up and adjust both scoot shoos to help you protect the snow blower and the surface you are clearing up. When you are ready to start, adjust the shoot to blow snow in the direction you prefer and to make sure you don’t blow snow in the wind. Then, adjust the defector angle for blowing snow and for what distance you wish the snow to go to. The key to using a tractor or any snow blower for that matter is to maintain a steady pace and let things go smoothly, so that your snow blower tractor can handle all the snow you want and not become overloaded. After you are done snow blowing remember to always clean out the chute, impeller and auger well. If you don’t it can freeze the internal parts, causing damage to the machine.

How to start and use a leaf blower for snow

Many people have used leaf blowers for blowing snow as well. It isn’t a new thing. Leaf blowers can easily remove snow from your driveway or sidewalk or any place you wish, however, there are a few things you will need to know. Leaf blowers will only help remove light layers of snow and it should be able to remove snow that is about an inch thick, depending on the power of your machine. Another factor to consider is the climate. In some areas where the snow is wet or melting, then you won’t have much use of your leaf blower, but if the snow happens to be powdery, then it’s doable. Things to be cautious about when using the leaf blower is to dry it out properly, otherwise it can cause moisture and damage your engine. If you happen to have an electric leaf blower, then your best option would be to buy a gas blower or simply use a shovel, because electricity and water don’t go well together and therefore if moisture happens to appear anywhere in your machine, you will risk electrocuting yourself. So safety always comes first.

How to start a and use a snow blower without key

Has it ever happen to buy a snow blower without a key? Or have you by any chance lost one? Well most equipment snow blowers as well as lawnmowers use stock keys that you can buy and it’s usually about the same key model. Now if you don’t have any kind of key for your snow blower, you can try opening up the panel and looking behind the ignition. If there happen to be only two wires the go into the key socket you can cut them and soldier it to an on and off toggle. Another option would be to write to the company of whatever model of snow blower you have and write the year and the model number to get a new one.

How to start and use a cub cadet snow blower

The cub cadet snow blower works by starting up the snow blower and letting it warm up for a few minutes. Before heading out, consider a snow throwing cab for protection from the elements. One thing to remember is to never bypass the auger or impeller control lever, because it is a safety device and by doing so you risk injuring yourself. Also, make sure the control lever operate in both directions easily and then return to the disengaged position once released. This enables you control over the speed of the machine. Never try to operate with a missing or damaged chute assembly and don’t run a machine indoors or in a weakly ventilated area. Everything must in place before starting, so make sure it is.

How to start and use a MTD snow blower

To properly start a MTD snow blower, you must first put the ignition key into the starter, then push the choke lever and press the primer button three times to draw gasoline into the mower engine. The choke blower is on the back of the blower, next to the left handle, while the primer button is next to the pull rope starter. Then plug the snow blower into the power outlet and then push and hold the start button until the engine starts. After that you unplug the power cord and you let your snow blower run normally.

How to start and use a snow blower yard machine

To start your yard machine snow blower, first make sure the fuel shutoff valve is in the on position. Next, put your key in the ignition and put the choke in the on position as well. Then check the spark plug if it’s still connected and you are done. You can start your snow blower.

How to start and use a Noma snow blower

First before anything, you put the dip stick out and check the oils level to be high enough. Then top up your gas, but be careful not to overfill it. After that, you put the plastic ignition key in the hole and if you don’t have the key, you could get some from the local Garden or Lawn stores. Next, you move the throttle all the way up to the “fast” position, meaning all the way and, because the lever is more of a gas on and off switch. Then, if it has one, check for the fuel on/off switch, it has to be on. Set the choke to the on position as well and then press the primer bulb from 4 to 6 times. Then, you pull the starter rope and once the engine starts running for a few minutes, put the choke in the off position. Finally, if it doesn’t start, try this process again and after 4-5 times of trying and it doesn’t work, then your next best option would be to take it to service.

How to start and use a snow blower with choke

When starting the engine of your snow blower with choke, you might want to use full choke mode and while you’re at it check the thermometer outside. If it’s freezing cold and above, then you may not want to prime the carburetor, because this might lead to flooding the engine. It would be better if you just use the choker and skip the priming.


How to start a snow blower that won’t start

If you have problems starting your tank, go through these few steps to first recognize the problem and then try to fix it. First, make sure your fuel tank isn’t empty and also check the oil as well. If by any chance you hadn’t add any fuel stabilizer to the gas before you stored it, then it might have lost its volatility and therefore you will need to drain the system through the carburetor. Once it’s drained, put new fuel and fuel stabilizer in the carburetor. If old fuel has gotten to the carburetor, then either clean it or if you can’t replace it with a new professional one. Secondly, check if the fuel shutoff valve button is on, not off. People who haven’t used their snow blower in months tend to forget about it. Then, check the safety key switch, if it is properly inserted and also make sure the red toggle switch is on. Also, if you happen to have a throttle on your snow blower, make sure that the throttle is set up to three-quarters speed or even higher. If none of these steps work, then next try to remove the plug to check it. Now here, either you have fuel that does not belong on the spark plug or you might now have the correct gap. Concerning the first one, the spark might be wet and therefore you will have to turn the engine over several times with the spark plug removed. This will remove the fuel from the spark plug hole that has been stuck in during the flooding. After that just clean the spark plug and put it back. Next, start the engine, only without the choke. If these steps don’t work either, then it is probably best to take it to a professional.


How to use sea foam in a snow blower gas tank

Sea foam is another way to ensure that your snow blower runs smoothly. If you add sea foam in your gas tank, it can prevent some of the most common problems snow blower engines can have. It can help start your engine faster, keep it clean as well as protect it from corrosion, by adding a bit of petroleum to the entire fuel system. So what you do is you put the sea foam in the tank and carburetor and a bit of sea foam spray in the chamber area. This will ensure you have your have your fuel system protected and lubricated for the long term storage.


How to use a fuel stabilizer in a snow blower

If the fuel in your snow blower is older than 30 days, it is best to remove it or put a fuel stabilizer. Also, it is not a bad idea to add fuel stabilizer when you first fill your fuel storage container at the start of each season and when you refill it. You use the fuel stabilizer by putting it inside the fuel and that way it can prevent your snow blower from having any running or speed problems, it will work faster and better. So it is a good and inexpensive way to keep your fuel in check.


How much snow is needed or is enough to use a snow blower

Generally speaking, about 2 inches of snow is enough to start using the snow blower. If you notice or decide it is too much you can use it, but that is the general number when you can start using it. Now if the snow is to deep or high, it is best to first maybe try to use a shovel to remove a bit from one area so you can safely put the snow blower there and start it without any problems. If the snow, by any chance, is above 20 inches and pretty tough, be careful, as there is slight danger of getting your snow blower damaged, so be careful.


How old do you have to be to use a snow blower

Even though it is not that of a dangerous machine, there have been reported a few accidents with snow blowers and children so far, such as explosions, flying out of a snow blower, as well as a few head and body injuries. So we believe it is safe to say that snow blowers aren’t really allowed or suitable for children under the age of 16. So next time don’t let your small children or young teens near or use the machine if you don’t want them to get hurt. Safety comes first.


How to start a snow blower youtube video


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